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Website Maintenance

Website Maintenance & Support Services

Websites need to be maintained in order to keep the website content updated. Because of this, certain websites require daily updates whereas there are some sites, which only require periodic maintenance. Maintenance of websites often includes editing, revising as well as changing the web contents so that the website remains updated with the freshest content. Many times addition of new pages to the site becomes a part of website maintenance. Moreover, search engine rules are changing constantly and these rules are taken into account while updating the website.

At Scriptgiant Technologies Pvt. Ltd, cost effective website maintenance is available. Clients by outsourcing maintenance of websites to us can get rid of regular updates and expansions. Websites often are static or dynamic. Whatever be the type of the website, web maintenance can be effectively done at reasonable cost. There are several options for maintenance a website. If regular update to a website is required then one can even get into a website maintenance contract with Scriptgiant Technologies Pvt. Ltd. There are several contract packages depending on the contract period. The monthly expenditure for maintenance depends upon certain factors that include the size of the website when the contract has been signed.

Under website maintenance contract the client can avail services to make unlimited number of text revisions to the web pages that are existing in a website. Often this includes redesigning the pages, adding, deleting, or editing graphics on the pages. If new pages are added to a website then there are additional charges. We through our quality services always look forward to establishing a healthy relation with our customers.

Website Maintenance Packages

To know our Website Maintenance Packages please feel free to contact us or call (91) 983-003-1563 or request a callback. We love to answer all your questions.

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