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Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Utility of Social Media Marketing in Modern Business

Social media marketing services of Scriptgiant Technologies Pvt. Ltd are those services by which the company gains website traffic through social media sites. These services aim to create content that attracts attention of readers who then share it by virtue of social network websites. In social media marketing, the company shares messages about itself via the internet that often includes web sites, social networks, instant messages, news feeds. This message then propagates from user to user thus resulting in increase of the website traffic considerably. Through the help of social networking websites, individuals interact with one another to build relationships. Again, when companies use social media for marketing purposes then consumers can interact with them and they too can communicate with theconsumers directly. This interaction adds to a personal experience to the users and scores above the traditional methods of strictly outbound marketing & advertising.

Using social networking sites users can tag themselves as followers of the company and indulge in retweeting or reposting comments about the company or its products. If such posts are repeated then more users are able to view this message. In this way the message, reach to more and more people. Since information about the company or the product is displayed in the social media, more traffic is attracted to the company or the product.

Social networking sites also enable us to get a fair idea about the different products and services that the company has. These sites through advertising increase the clientele of the company. Also with the aid of modern technologies, it is possible for marketers to detect buying signals that often include content shared by people and questions posted online. Comprehending the buying signals increases the sales and services of the company.

In social media, marketing mobile phones are very much used. With mobiles, it is possible to advertise products, increase sales. Besides the use of mobiles as a marketing tool, social media in business allows customers to share their idea in business thereby becoming part of the marketing and retail business. This engagement of the customers in marketing is the basis of social media marketing. Other important tools of social media marketing involves Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Yelp, Foursquare, YouTube and Blogs.

Social Media Marketing (SMM) Packages

Social Media Marketing Package:
Social Media Marketing Package Basic Standard Professional
Contract Period 3 Months 6 Months 6 Months
Pricing per Month $........ $........ $........
Analysis and Review
Business Model Understanding & Planning
Identifying Targeted Keywords
Facebook Promotion
Facebook Account Creation
FanPage Creation & Set up
Cover Image & Profile Picture Update
Designing Fanpage profile picture
Respond to Comments & Replies NA
Run Facebook Contest NA NA
Content update and daily posting in fanpage(Link sharing, images, polls , texts , news , announcements , Notes, videos etc. )
Facebook Groups (Join & Network) NA
New Likes  Increases
(No Guarantee)
Promoting fanpage to other related facebook groups NA
Follwers increase ( All real follwers )
*Facebook Ads campaign Set up
As per Client's Requirement

As per Client's Requirement

As per Client's Requirement
**Facebook ads budget have to be paid by Client. Facebook Ads campaign maintenance fee is $__ for Basic Plan.
Twitter Promotion
Twitter Account Setup
Custom Twitter Background Design & Profile Picture Update
Twitter Following & Follwers Increase
Daily Tweets (Link sharing, images, polls , texts , news , announcements , Notes, videos etc. )
Twitter Contest NA NA
Respond to DMs & Mentions NA
Google Plus Promotion
Google + Account Setup
Business Page Creation
Google+ profile picture & Business page cover picture design NA
Following/Add to Circles Increase NA
Google+ community creation and maintenance NA
Join Relevant Communities NA
Sharing in similar Communities NA
Daily Updates(Link sharing, images, polls , texts , news , announcements , Notes, videos etc. )
LinkedIn Promotion
LinkedIn Account Set up
LinkedIn business page creation
Linkedin business page profile picture & Cover Photo design
LinkedIn Groups (Join & Network) NA
Discussions and question-answers sections NA
LinkedIn Friends Connection Increases
**LinkedIn Ads
As per Client’s Requirement

As per Client’s Requirement

As per Client’s Requirement
** LinkedIn Ads budget have to be paid by Client. LinkedIn Ads campaign maintenance fee is $__ for Basic Plan.
Pinterest Promotion
Pinterest Account Setup
Custom Pinboard Creation
Pin Images
Follow Pinboards NA
Profile maintenance & Pinboard Updates NA
Repins NA
Other Social Media Sites Promotion
Social Networks Creation NA
Friends Increase in all networks NA
Promotional Postings in all networks NA
Other Social Site Profile Creation & Maintenance NA
Social Bookmarking
Microblogging NA
Image Sharing NA
PPT Creation & Promotion NA
Video Promotion NA
Take Part into discussions and question-answers sites NA
Forum Posting NA
Social Reputation Monitoring Report
Monthly Account Activity Reports
Monthly Visitors, Likes etc. Reports
Total Clicks Report(Incase of Ads Running)
Links Report
Keywords Optimised Report
Important discussion & queries about your Brand/Business will be sent
Live Support
Email NA NA Yes
Chat (Skype, AIM etc.) NA NA Yes
Telephone (24X7) NA NA Yes
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